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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Make as little as $512 with MLM Marketing Opportunity

This is a NEW Team build and we are Currently Looking for 1st level members!
Once the First row is filled we will spill over to the next.

Here's How it Works:

Members of the team You will be given 2 downlines (1st level)
Those 2 downlines will earn you $4

Those 4 downlines you have on your 2nd level will also have 2 downlines each
on their 1st level. Giving YOU 8 downlines on your 3rd level and earning you $8

And here's the BEST part...Your earnings will not stop there because at Clixsense..
You will still EARN $1 on each downline up to your 8th level. Giving you a potential $512.00 YEARLY from this team alone.

Is $512.00 YEARLY possible?

Yes because we are using a Downline Spillover System

In this system, All Team Members will have a limit of 2 downlines at their 1st level.
So All members of the TEAM will have a chance to complete their downlines from Level 1 to Level 8.
---[b]In short, we will build your direct downline all the way down to the 8th level![/b] by supplying 2 new downlines all the way down!

Here is an Example:

IN the diagram. You are the figure at the top.
Now the two figures below you will each earn you $2 each ($4)
They will have two down lines each,for each of those you will earn you $1
Now those down lines will have their own pair of down lines each, multiplying your income.
-- And this continues 8 Levels Down.
2 becomes 4 which becomes 8 which becomes 16 which becomes 32 which becomes 64 which becomes 128, etc.
You get the point. The beauty of this Team is we will [b]Do The Recruiting For You[/b] based on the order you joined!


1. You must have $17 on your Alertpay, Paypal or Liberty Reserve account. You can also use Google Checkout (to be used for upgrading your account in clixsense -- This is a must as it is the only way to benefit from the spill over system we will use)

2. Send RTC01 a Private message for placement in team.

Why join our team?

Simple. If you join clixsense alone, Nobody will help you to get downlines,
But if you Join our Team, we will help you to get downlines, build your network and earn up to $512 YEARLY from our team alone.

What are the benefits of joining Clixsense as an upgraded member?

1. You will earn from $1 -$2 from every referral that will upgrade.
2. You will earn $0.20 as a premium member from every first level referral that signs up and clicks 20 ads.
4. You will earn up to .01 on the clicks of your 1st level downlines.
5. You have 50 chances to win on clixgrid from $0.10 to $5.00 everyday
6. This is a yearly income because everytime You and Your downlines renew their premium membership
at clixsense for only $17, You will earn $512.00 over and over again every year.
7. Clixsense has a contest with a prize of $250(Clixsense Already announced the winner last Nov. 15, 2010)

So what are you waiting for? Remember that this is a Yearly income...
Join our team TODAY and earn $512.00 EVERY YEAR!

The sooner you join the faster you will benefit from our spillover system.

Apply Here:,205790.0.html

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top 4 Best GPT Sites - Get Paid To Sites

One of the newest yet most well-known and trusted get paid to websites out there is Cash4Offers. At Cash4Offers you get paid for reading email, taking surveys, shopping and completing variety of offers. Cash4Offers is growing very quickly thanks to a few important factors; they have lots of free offers that make it easy and fast to make money, their support team is fast and helpful and they pay fast. If you choose to join only one good GPT site, I would strongly suggest you choose Cash4Offers.

Well known GPT site with a great referral program. You can earn money for shopping, taking online surveys, signing up for free websites and trying new products. You can also earn prizes for playing games, socializing and more. Their referral program has two levels. You earn 20% of what your referrals make and 10% of what their referrals make. The good thing is that as you refer more people, your earnings will increase and go up to 30% of your referral’s earnings and 20% of their referral’s earnings, which is by far the most referral rewards any good GPT site offers. Minimum payment is only $20 and are paid monthly by check.

Snap Dollars
SnapDollars is a fairly new GPT site compared to other legitimate get paid to programs like CashCrate, SendEarnings and others. But, in its short time being up and running, SnapDollars has proven to be a very trustworthy GPT program. Currently they offer $5 bonus just for signing up.

Quick Rewards
This is the best GPT site I have ever known. You get paid to shop online, visit websites, take surveys, sign up for offers, play games, print grocery coupons, read emails and much more! No minimum cash out for PayPal or choose from over 50+ Gift Certificates starting at $5. If you are looking for GPT sites that pay instantly, QuickRewards is it! In most cases you get paid less than an hour from when you requested a cash out.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today's Links To Popular Websites that Pay

Monetize your life with these Currently Hot Sites:

Get Paid to Shop -

Mr. Rebates - (%s are higher than Ebates)


^Ebates and Mr Rebates are CashBack Programs that reward you for online shopping. Vendors include Walmart and more than 2000 online stores.

GPT Sites That Pay -


Social Networks That Pay -

MyLot *get paid for posting on forums

People String n

URL Links Shortener That Pays -

Adfly *shorten popular links and get paid for clicks.

Search Engines That Pay -

SwagBucks *earn free stuff just for browsing with their search engine


Get Paid to Upload Pictures -

Share A Pic *pay is determined by image views

Invitation Only sites that Pay (Free) -

Super Points

Free Webhosting That Pays -


- If you would like info on how to make money with these sites, please email us at: and title the subject of the message: RE

Friday, May 13, 2011


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Also email us with any suggestions on the latest HOT sites! Our Top Links for each category will also remain at the top of this page.